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Black Label Movement plans to put a dancer into (very low) orbit

In response to my post on keeping abreast of dance events, a friend alerted me to the Dance Community Newsletter, an e-mail newsletter formerly published by the Southern Theater and now “brought to you by Laurie Van Wieren and Kaleena Miller courtesy of 9x22 DanceLab and its fiscal sponsor Springboard for the Arts.” Subscription requests and submissions can be sent to dancecommunitynews@gmail.com.

The current issue, posted online as a public Google Doc, is full of interesting tidbits. Here’s my favorite: “BLACK LABEL MOVEMENT NEEDS MUSCLE FOR ‘SPACE WALK’ VIDEO […] We are making a video proposal arguing why dancer’s should be the first artist to go to space. It will be serious and a little campy, but all around awesome. We did a test shoot in April now will be filming the actual video. […] Groups of people will be clumped together and lifting one individual at a time, mosh pit style. There will be some tossing of these individuals, so if you consider yourself to have decent upper body strength, we’d love to have you.”

Given Black Label Movement’s history of creating visually striking pieces (above, their 2010 Woyzeck Project), this will be one to watch.

- Jay Gabler

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