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"Speaking of insanity, I couldn’t help but point out to Rusko that he’ll be in town on April 20th. When asked whether he had any plans to celebrate the ‘holiday,’ Rusko perked up, exclaiming, ‘Oh my gosh, I always celebrate! I did last year and it’s so funny because I didn’t know about it ‘til I moved to the United States. No one knows about it in Europe.’ Rusko went on to insist that he will certainly be celebrating ‘in style’ and that every member of his crew is ‘420-friendly’ (including the lighting and tour managers, he assured me twice), adding that ‘everyone on the bus’ would be commemorating the holiday and promising a ‘cloud of smoke over the DJ booth.’"

Let’s all celebrate the imminent arrival of 4/20 by re-reading Sarah Heuer’s 2011 interview with Rusko.

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